Constitucional Court

The Constitutional Court. The Constitutional Court is the State Body in charge of hearing the institutional appeals of the laws, the appeals for shelter against the provisions and acts that violate the rights and liberties recognized in the Fundamental Law. It is also in charge of proclaiming the final results of presidential, legislative, municipal elections and the referendums. Among other competences are declaring the physical or mental incapacity of the President of the Republic and/or the Prime Minister-Head of Government; passing judgment with a binding nature on the constitutional legality of the regulatory enactment of the institutional laws and hearing the conflicts among the constitutional bodies.   

The Constitutional Court is comprised by a president and four members appointed by the President of the Republic. Two of them are nominated by the House of Representatives of the People. The mandate period of the members of the Constitutions court will be seven years.

The High Council of the Judicial Power. This is its Government body and it is regulated by Article 98 of the Constitution. It is comprised by a President, a post that can be held by the President of the Supreme Court of Justice, plus six members that are appointed by the Head of State.

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